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New for 2021

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Following the success of previous years Pretty Positivity AFC has decided to launch a new well-being and self-care branch which will provide letterbox packages customised to various age-groups and well-being needs. We hope you will enjoy the products and services offered by our new branch, Wonderland Well-being. 

Wonderland Well-being Product example.png

The above image shows an example of the types of products that may be included within your package. The final product is still in its design process so exact contents may not match those pictured. Typical products include skincare such as a facemask & hand cream, a beautiful soap bar or bath products such as fizzers or confetti, hair accessories such as clips and scrunchies. Other products may also be added such as motivational stationary, fluffy socks, sleep eye-masks etc. 

We hope that our well-being/self-care packages will be the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family (or even yourself). 


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